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Educational and Inspirational Books
By Jenny Lu

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Teach children about the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) approach and STEM careers with our fun and educational multicultural books. It will inspire young readers to develop a love for STEM. 


Children's Book Author and Educator

Jenny Lu

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Jenny's Story

Jenny has been an elementary school teacher for almost 20 years, an Early Language and Literacy Coordinator, and an invention coach at her school.  When Jenny was 10 years she wrote a book about plants in fifth grade and fell in love with writing picture books. She had dreamed about becoming a children's book author since. During the pandemic, while everything was on hold Jenny wanted a way to connect with children and share her love for children's books. That's when she decided to pursue her childhood dream. 

As a teacher, she has read thousands of children's books and noticed that the characters in most children's books do not reflect the diversity at her school. As a result, she was motivated to create a children's book with diverse characters from different backgrounds. Having a diverse collection of multicultural books will instill ideas of equity, acceptance, inclusion, and understanding in our children. 

Jenny is a big supporter of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) in the classroom as it nurtures children to have an affinity to be future scientists, programmers, engineers, mathematicians, etc. STEM education promotes essential key skills, which include problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration. Furthermore, she believes in the value that comes from STEM education. The 2021 United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects an uptick in STEM jobs over the next decade and forecasts over 8 million STEM-related workers by 2028.

Jenny wants to show children that it's never too late to pursue their passion and follow their dreams. She also want to provide books that celebrate diversity and encourage children to grow their love for STEM through 
picture books.
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